Whether you are a solo traveler, or a couple, or group of friends, or family, there is always something Bhutan offers to everyone and we are happy to be part of your journeys and mutual discovery. We organize a wide range of cultural tours and treks, but we also cater to special interests and would be delighted to arrange customized tours to suit individual tastes and needs. We take care of your visa application, your hotel reservation, your flight reservation in and out of the country and we look into every detail to make sure your stay is as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible.

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[accordion_item title=”Cultural/Festival Tours”]As soon as you land in Bhutan, you step into the cultural landscape of Bhutan – from the architecture, to the people, to the villages, food, monasteries and the environment. A highlight of the cultural richness of Bhutan are the annual festivals or also known as ‘tsechu” symbolizing amity, peace and compassion, are held in various parts of the Kingdom at different times of the year. The most popular festivals are the ones held in Paro and Thimphu. The Paro Tshechu takes place usually around March/April and the Thimphu Tshechu in September/October according to the lunar calendar. Mask dances, performed by monks as well as by the laity, are imbued with deep religious significance and depict rich cultural traditions. It is also a social gathering, where people dress in their beautifully intricate and colorful hand woven national dresses (gho for men and kira for women).

Come experience the Bhutanese Culture with BTT, we have difference packages dependent on your time and preference, following are some samples:

  • Glimpses of Bhutan
  • Magical Western and Central Bhutan
  • Thimphu Tsehcu Tour
  • Paro Tsechu Tour
  • Explore Eastern Bhutan[/accordion_item]

[accordion_item title=”Treks”]Bhutan is a paradise for trekkers and mountaineers. The clean environment, the high mountain passes and the virgin forests rich with rare botanical plants, birds and colorful butterflies. Blessed with unparalleled scenic beauty of majestic snowcapped peaks, lush valleys, and large tracts of virgin forests, Bhutan is home to numerous rare and endangered species of wildlife such as the blue sheep, musk deer, red panda, snow leopard, black bear, golden languor and the unique takin, its national animal. Black-necked cranes migrate from Central Asia during the winter, springtime and summer. The forests are aglow with a large variety of wild flowers and orchids.

Come and join us on one of the many beautiful treks to get a glimpse and experience Bhutan’s natural beauty and wildlife.

  • Bumthang Cultural trek
  • Druk Path trek
  • Dagala Thousand lakes trek
  • Gangtey-Gogona trek
  • Jhomolhari Trek
  • Laya trek
  • Samtengang winter trek  [/accordion_item]

[accordion_item title=”Yoga/Meditation Retreats”]

Bhutan lends itself very naturally to yoga, meditation and spiritual pursuits with its serene and clam environment and Buddhist Culture. While practicing yoga and meditation, one also gets to experience the cultural and traditional enrichment of Bhutan as we undertake a spiritual yogic journey.

Our signature yoga retreat is back on the 2018 calendar from 30 September – 14 October. Our retreat includes daily asana and meditation, cultural activities and sights and a 5 day trek into the heart of the Himalaya mountains.
Come and join us and sign up for our 2018 Bhutan Yoga Retreat.
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[accordion_item title=”A Buddhist Pilgrimage Experience”]As the only Vajrayana Buddhist nation, Bhutan offers many ancient and well preserved sacred Buddhist pilgrimage sites for the debout Buddhist to pay respect, make merit and prayer. Bhutan Tours and Travels would be most happy to customize a trip to your liking and preference to make this special journey to Bhutan.


[accordion_item title=”Service Trips/Social Impact Journeys”]To make your travels more meaningful and memorable, join us on a service trip by giving back to the community you visit and adding value to your experience. Please contact us for more information on this. [/accordion_item]

[accordion_item title=”Nature Explores”]Natural flora and fauna is in abundance in Bhutan and so it is one of the top 10 biological hot spots in the world. We offer non-intrusive and conscious nature explorations for you to enjoy and appreciate mother nature in its finest in the Himalayas. Come and join us in one of our Nature Explores Tours:

  • Bird Watching
  • Botanical Tour
  • River Rafting

We also make itineraries to cater to your interests, tell us more about yourself and we can start planning.



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