SAS and READ Bhutan: Service Trips

READ Bhutan is an NGO that works with rural communities to build and establish community library and resource centers, to empower and inspire education, economic and community development.

Singapore American School (SAS) is known for an unmistakable culture of excellence, extraordinary care, and possibilities. SAS takes their high school students on Interim, which runs for a week. Interim Semester is a required off-campus experience designed to enhance the curriculum by providing high school students with diverse educational experiences beyond the traditional classroom.

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Engaging with members at the Yangthang READ Center in Haa

BTT Bridge: We facilitate these journeys by working with SAS, READ Bhutan and READ Centers. Engaging the local community, especially the women and children, in planning and execution of activities. Along with providing service to the local communities, we also focus to make sure that the SAS students and teachers learn and experience Bhutan. We make sure that imparting and learning values are core pillars of growing into a global citizen and that the greatest gift in life is the art of giving and learning.


  • READ Bhutan Club established by the SAS high school students
  • SAS READ Club raised USD 50,000 to build READ Center in Yangthang, in rural village in Ha
  • 80 SAS students and 100 Bhutanese youth – friendships and impact
  • Yearly fundraising and ongoing activities
  • READ Bhutan through their work impacts over 35,000 Bhutanese individuals
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