About us


As an impact travel company, we envision to enhance social good and service by leveraging the Bhutanese tourism sector. By promoting responsible and conscious traveling and contribute to green nation building. We aim to be a bridge for learning and service, to create meaningful journeys for self-discovery and exploration of the senses, mind and the heart for understanding, peace, prosperity and building relationships.


To promote sustainable tourism by curating experiences for meaningful discovery and relationships for our clients and Bhutan. We align and aim to contribute to SDG 13 (Climate Change) and SDG 17 (Partnerships).


Impact Canvas


We work with a solid team who are dedicated and passionate about travel business and showing our beautiful country to you. Our guides, who are the ambassadors of our country, are all experienced and well-versed both, in the cultural traditions of the land as well as in conducting tour groups in comfort and safety through the high mountain terrains. We welcome you to learn more about our country, the history, the present, the beauty and the challenges and we look forward to taking you on a journey through our beloved country.

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