East-West Center Bhutan Exhibition

East-West Center: “East-West Center Arts Program presents performances and exhibitions by the finest artists and performers in the Asia Pacific region. EWC audiences encounter a world of tradition and innovation that spans the ancient and contemporary in the visual arts, music, dance and theatre. For more than three decades, Arts Program presentation educated, enlightened and entertained audiences …”

The East-West Center Arts Program held an exhibition on Bhutan titled “Bhutan: Gross National Happiness” from February 25 to May 27, 2018.

Bhutan Monks: The Royal Monastic Body of Bhutan is an important spiritual and cultural institution in the Bhutanese society and culture. Traditionally and practiced more widely in the older times though still practiced today, almost every household has a family member who is either a monk or a nun – for they are the vessels through which the Buddhist Dharma is practiced in the form of rituals and prayers.

BTT Bridge: Our CEO, Thinley, was hired as a consultant for the Bhutan Exhibition. As part of the Exhibition, the Arts Program wanted to a live Sand Mandala demonstration as a Centerpiece. We helped bridge that need by identifying the three best Mandala monks and arranging all the logistics of getting the monks from Bhutan to Hawaii – which was the first for all of them. At the Exhibition, Thinley gave talks on the meaning and value of Mandala in Bhutan in Buddhism and also gave a talk on “Women in Bhutan”.

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