Arthur Hubbard

Arthur Hubbard

From: San Francisco, USA 
Visited in June 2018

taktshang, paro,bhutan
Pasa and Arthur at Paro taktshang

Bhutan Tours and Travels from my first email was very responsive in a timely fashion. BTT listened to my itinerary request, tailored and adjusted as needed. I was confident I had found the right travel agency. BTT also managed my flight bookings on Druk/Bhutan Airlines that I would strongly recommend for other travelers. No surprises along the way. My trip was planned well for 19 days traveling from Paro east across Bhutan and north. Included were many historical, religious sights, cultural events, a Tshechu festival, nature preserves and hiking to the Tigers Nest. The guide and driver were outstanding. I could not have asked for better. All accommodations were appropriate for the regions visited. I did stay at a farm house and family home stay that were a fun change from the hotels and allowed for a more personnel experience. The food everywhere was great and delicious. BTT provided me with a remarkable journey sharing with me a beautiful country.

drukgyel dzong, paro, bhutan
The reconstruction of Drukgyel Dzong

Rabten was an excellent guide. He was extremely knowledgeable about most religious, cultural and historical aspects of Bhutan. He clearly explained the iconography found in all the temples and monasteries. He was well versed in current events and the proposed future of Bhutan. He knew his way around, planned well and was a good conversationalist. He was very attentive to detail and was very concerned for my overall safety and comfort.


taktshang, paro, bhutan
Arthur and Ugay at the waterfall near the temple
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