Chris & Charles

Chris & Charles

From: Atlanta, USA
Visited in November 2018

We enjoyed the cultural immersion that Bhutan Tours and Travels provided. Dawa, our guide, had a vast knowledge of the history of Tantric Buddhism and the political development of Bhutan in relation to its neighbors. The architecture, mountains and culture are awe inspiring. BTT offered the opportunity to learn and experience the back story on how the culture and peaceful kingdom came to be and continues to inspire and sustain happiness.

Bhutan Tours Testimonial
Charles giving the national sport, archery, a go

We enjoyed everywhere we stayed and all accommodations were equal or above 4star. The hotel in Thimphu had terrific food and was centrally located, however the general cleanliness was lacking a little bit. I am sure that they are in the midst of an upgrade soon. The itinerary BTT came up with was perfect. There was time for us to explore Thimphu on our own and do some goofy things on the last day, as well as treat Dawa and Kinley to a beer at a newly opened brewery while still managing to see all of the highlights including the crane festival and trek to Bumdrak!

bhutan tour testimonials
The Black-necked crane dance at the festival

The fortitude and peace with which every local person conducted their daily lives of work and religious vocation is remarkable, admirable and hopefully sustainable. The culture in Bhutan is so very different and precious. Visitors would be wise to notice the small things as well as the big things and listen to learn what is important to the locals.

-Christina Lauer and Charles Nelson

bhutan tour testimonials
Christina helping farmers tie rice stalks at Sopsokha, Punakha
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