Bhutan Yoga Tour

Experience the beauty and culture of Bhutan while doing yoga across the country.

Come and practice yoga with experienced and great teacher Ms. Maile from the beautiful island of Hawaii.

Yoga and Bhutan are a natural combination; it is awesome to experience this ancient and powerful meditative practice in a deeply spiritual country. You will support yourself through the rigors of travel and sight-seeing with the gift of yoga, opening tightness and tension in your body as you open your spirit to the magic of Bhutan.

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Our practice is suited to the schedule and serendipitous happenings of each day; we may start the day with breathwork and gentle stretching, or do a brief series of standing poses as we pause during the day to admire a stunning view, or end the day with centering relaxation. Your practice in Bhutan – in body, mind and breath – is meant to enhance your journey. This is an opportunity to live a yogic life-style, practicing daily and eliminating meat, caffeine and alcohol from your diet. On the other hand, this is also an opportunity to sample a cuisine unlike any other, to taste the national dish of chilies and cheese and rice, to try pork momos (dumplings) or Red Panda beer, brewed locally.

17 days Yoga Retreat, Cultural Tour and Trek:
Morning practice: Sutra study, chanting, pranayama, and asana classes with a combination of standing, seated, supine, twisting, balancing and inverted postures with an emphasis on alignment and breath awareness.
Daily outings including day hikes, mindfulness training, moving meditations, sightseeing,  monasteries, rafting, hot-stone bath and massing and points of cultural interest such as museums and local schools.
Evening yoga:  Chanting, pranayama and deep relaxation.

Optional 5 day Druk Path Trek:
Druk Path Trek is one of the most popular treks in Bhutan. It is a short and scenic trek with some great views and beautiful lakes en route. Although it leads up to altitudes above 4,000m it is not too strenuous as walking distances between the camps are not too long. Besides the lakes, it is the Phadjoding monastery that is one of the highlights of this trek.

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Total Cost: $7541

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Cultural Tour Only:  $5627
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