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Singapore American School and READ Bhutan Interim Semester

In their pursuit of revolutionizing the education and learning system, Singapore American School has a program called the Interim Semester which runs for a week. During the second semester, all regularly scheduled high school courses cease while students and teachers participate in the interim semester program. Interim Semester is a required off-campus experience designed to enhance the curriculum by providing high school students with diverse educational experiences beyond the traditional classroom.

As part of the school’s Service Learning Experience SAS has teamed up with READ Bhutan (Rural Education And Development) to work with rural communities in Western Bhutan. Bhutan Tours and Travels is delighted to be part of this journey for both the SAS community and the local community as the travel coordinator and partner.

We work directly with SAS, READ Bhutan and their centers. Engaging the local community, especially the women and children, to partake in activities that are designed and carried out by SAS students. Along with providing service to the local communities, we also focus to make sure that the SAS students and teachers learn and experience Bhutan in her purest form. So that the students would not only have given something but will also have an experience that they take back and cherish for the rest of their lives. We make sure that imparting and learning values are core pillars of growing into a global citizen and that the greatest gift in life is the art of giving and learning.

SAS READ Bhutan Interim Semester 2017

To make your travels more meaningful and memorable, join us on a service trip by giving back to the community you visit and adding value to your experience. Please contact us for more information on this.

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Pictures from past SAS READ Interim Semester

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  • SAS Interim 2016

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