In the olden days, Trongsa used to be the power hold of the ancestors of the royal family. His Majesty King Ugen Wangchuck, the then Penlop (governor) of Trongsa, was elected the country’s first hereditary monarch, and his successor, King Jigme Wangchuck, ruled the country from Trongsa’s ancient Dzong. The crown prince of Bhutan normally holds the position of the Trongsa Penlop prior to ascending the throne.

Strategically loacated in the center of Bhutan and about five hours by road from Wangduephordang, Trongsa offers break in the journey. A vantage point from the opposite side of the valley, still 14 kilometers from Trongsa, provides a welcome view of the Dzong and the town. Like almost all towns in the kingdom, the secular and religious center, the Dzong, dominates the horizon, dwarfing the surrounding buildings.

Protected from invaders by an impenetrable valley, Trongsa Dzong is an impenetrable fortress. The Dzong itself is a labyrinth of temples, corridors and offices holding court. Above the Dzong a watchtower, the Ta Dzong, further strengthened its defense.

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